12 AMAZING benefits from raising your vibration – Part 1 of 2

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Most people strive to improve their quality of life. This is a common denominator of human motivation: We have free will, and most of us use that free will to improve our life situation in different ways. This article is part 1 of a two-part synthesis of the AMAZING benefits from raising your vibration.

As I write this article I have been “doing the inner work” seriously and consistently for six years. It hasn’t always been easy though. As the overall vibration raises, lower vibrating energies come to the surface to be released permanently. This can provoke temporary turmoil – which is why some people have a tough time staying consistent with their practice.

If you are just starting out on your inner journey, or if you are experiencing difficulties in staying consistent, do check out this list of AMAZING benefits that await you to reward your consistency!

This list is a summary of the benefits I have observed in my own experience. If you have observed other benefits that are not listed below, send me an email to comment on the article. Let’s inspire and uplift each other with our success stories!

1. Increased awareness

The very first effect of raising your vibration is that your awareness increases. At the beginning this can feel uncomfortable, as you gain awareness of things in your system that you perceive of as undesirable. However, do stick to your practice because increased awareness equals increased freedom of choice.

How can you make your choices freely if you are still conditioned by past mental programming by parents, education system, mainstream media, peers, society as a whole…? Know that all human beings have this starting point: We have all been programmed since birth. It’s our yearning for “something else” (more freedom) that will ignite our desire for change. And increased awareness is a prerequisite for change.

2. More clarity

You gain more clarity as your overall vibration raises. Clarity on what you want in life; on what is possible for humans in general and, more specifically, what is possible for you; on how to get from where you are now to where you want to be.

This clarity expresses itself particularly well as mental clarity. Many of us have at some point or repeatedly, experienced a sense of confusion or “being lost”. Maybe brain fog or procrastination; difficulties in making decisions and/or difficulties in following through on our decisions, etc. All these states spontaneously dissolve as our vibration raises, without us having to make an effort to “make it happen”.

3. Improved memory

As old stuff that used to clutter your energy system is released permanently, that which stays in your system has more “space” to operate accurately.

I’m fluent in five languages (speech and writing), and I need to practice them regularly in order to conserve my ability to use them. Remember the slogan of neuroplasticity: “Use it or lose it”! A few months after I had made the decision to “go all-in” on my inner work, I discovered to my astonishment and delight that my language skills had improved spontaneously. I found that my pronunciation had improved and that it was much easier to recall vocabulary – even vocabulary that I hadn’t used for ages!

In addition, other kinds of memories from the past – not related to languages – started coming back to me. Joyful memories that I had forgotten came back.

Last but not least, my ability to connect memories with each other improved exponentially without any effort on my part. Why is this important? Because the ability to connect ideas and knowledge from widely diverse fields depends on the memory-connecting ability. As you keep reading articles on this blog, you’ll see that this ability to connect memories and therefore connect ideas and knowledge is very useful when it comes to creating attractive content.

4. More creative flow

With increased awareness, more clarity, and improved memory comes a more steady flow of creativity. Strictly speaking, as co-creators of this Universe we are creating all the time. We cannot “turn off” the creative process that flows through us. For the vast majority of humanity, this process happens by default. To dig deeper into the topic of co-creation, “Ask and It Is Given” (2004) by Esther and Jerry Hicks is the best place to start.

What I point to here is that creative occupations such as writing become easier, as we become more receptive to new ideas and inspiration. We become more prone to act on them too, as our self-love and confidence increase (see point 8).

5. Faster manifestation

Once you get the rhythm going of raising your vibration, you’ll notice that whatever you want to manifest, does indeed manifest faster. Here are a couple of examples from my experience that will illustrate this point perfectly.

Some time ago I ordered a product from AliExpress, China’s version of Amazon, where you can buy products for very competitive prices. You do need some patience to wait for the delivery though, as the products really originate from China. I was informed that the product would be shipped within three days and that the delivery was expected three weeks later. However, that didn’t apply to me. My product was shipped two hours (!) after I placed my order, and I received it six days later. As you can see, higher vibration can save you a lot of time!

Another example includes receiving email responses at work from other services, which I depend upon in order to progress in my dossiers. Whereas it used to take a few days or occasionally a couple of weeks to obtain a response, nowadays it usually takes less than an hour. In any case, I’ll have my response the same day. Very practical!

I suggest we pause for a moment before we move on to Part 2.

Now ask yourself this: How would these beneficial effects of raising your vibration serve you in your life in general? And in any situation you might be concerned with at the moment, more specifically?

Access Part 2 of 12 AMAZING benefits from raising your vibration now.

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