12 AMAZING benefits from raising your vibration – Part 2 of 2

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Welcome to part 2 of article 12 AMAZING benefits from raising your vibration! Let’s continue the adventure.

For those of you who might have found this article by means of a Google search or such, I suggest you read Part 1 first. Part 1 lays the foundation for the reasoning below.

6. More emotional stability

People who are operating in this world by default are often reactive. They are unconscious in the spiritual meaning of the word. They experience that life is happening to them, and often feel they have little or no control over events that have an impact on them. As a result, they react to circumstances rather than responding to them. In addition, they are unaware that their inner state has a direct impact on their circumstances. See, it goes both ways.

In short: The lower your vibration, the more power the circumstances that you find yourself in will have over you, and the less impact you will have over them. Inversely, as your vibration rises, you will have more power to create your reality in your own image. Some circumstances might still be beyond your control, but they will have less impact on you than they used to have.

Circumstances can seem random and arbitrary, giving rise to random and arbitrary reactions in you. With higher vibration, you see more clearly the connections between cause and effect. This gives you more autonomy in your decisions. You are no longer in the grip of circumstances and therefore have no need to be reactive. Instead, you can calmly decide how you want to respond in any given situation. This freedom gives you more emotional stability.

For further guidance, you might want to consider signing up for one-on-one Emotion Code sessions. Working with a professional who is trained to hold space for you, and who will see your blindspots, can be extraordinarily valuable.

7. Empowering, self-reinforcing habits

As your vibration rises and you move beyond the initial discomforts of old “stuff” coming to the surface to be released, it becomes really easy to stick to your practices to keep raising your vibration. With so many benefits, why would you want to stop?!

The empowering habits that you have put into place have become self-reinforcing. You no longer need to “motivate” yourself to do them, or to “remind” yourself because otherwise, you might forget… These habits have become a part of your lifestyle, and are therefore your new normal. Congratulations!

8. Deeper self-love and more confidence

As we have seen, raising your vibration requires you to rid yourself of lower vibrating energies which would hold you back otherwise. “Energies” is a generic term, of course. What we are talking about here is ridding yourself of disempowering beliefs and belief systems, obsolete interpretations of memories, trapped emotions, and so forth.

The process is similar to peeling layers away from an onion. The more layers you peel away of things that you have been carrying around, maybe for a very long time, the more you realize that those things never were yours. When you realize this and you start getting to know who you truly are, deep self-love is inevitable. Your relationship with yourself transforms at the very core. With deep self-love comes more confidence to show up authentically in this world and to take action.

Benefits-from- raising-your- vibration-part-2

9. Deeper connection with the Divine

Know yourself and you will know God. It’s no coincidence that ancient wisdom preaches “know thyself” – self-knowledge and self-love open so many doors!

Whatever way works best for you to refer to and connect with the Divine, one thing is for sure. The Divine is pure love, and the only way to connect with love is through love. As long as your self-love is shaky, you will experience recurrent difficulties in maintaining your connection and relationship with the Divine. Inversely, as your vibration rises, the presence of the Divine in your life becomes increasingly evident.

10. Improved relationships overall

With less reactivity and more emotional stability, and with deeper self-love and more confidence, we stop taking things personally. Extremely few things are meant to be taken personally. Usually, it’s just projected stuff from somebody else who (often unconsciously) refuses to assume responsibility for it. 

This can be tricky for highly sensitive people (HSPs). We feel not only our own feelings but also the feelings of basically everyone in the room. Many HSPs take on the responsibility for tons of stuff that have absolutely nothing to do with them. Not only does this tendency weigh them down… it can inadvertently encourage people in their environment to be lazy. Why would others assume the responsibility of doing their inner work if they have someone readily available to carry the weight for them? If this is you, definitely look into improving your ability to set and maintain healthy boundaries. You can learn more about this topic in the article “Boundaries vs Forgiveness – Which is more important?“.

There’s no reason you should pick up other people’s projected /rejected stuff. If you do pick it up, that is to say, if other people’s words or behaviors trigger something in you, that’s a clue that you still have some inner work to do. The more you release low-vibrating energies from your system, the fewer triggers there will be and the less likely you will be to react.

This is great news when it comes to your relationships, regardless of what kind of relationships we are talking about. You will be able to be truly present in body, mind, and spirit. This way you’ll be able to choose your point of connection with others on a moment-to-moment basis. This increases the quality of your presence, which translates to others feeling seen and heard by you.

In addition, it will be easier to step away from people you don’t want to relate to so that you can invest more time and energy in the people who matter the most to you.

11. People come to you for advice

As you vibrate higher, you become more attractive to others who will feel naturally drawn to you. You are perceived as knowledgeable and trustworthy – even if you haven’t acquired any new skills or changed any outer conditions that would give these signals.

It’s almost as if you knew “something”, some kind of secret or mystery that remains hidden from the rest of the world. By being near you and talking with you about any subject really, people feel reassured. Some will perceive you as being “lucky”. They will ask you rather than somebody else for help so that your “lucky” energy can be passed on to them while you help them.

If you run a business or plan to start one, this will give you a competitive advantage. As a business owner, you want to be the go-to expert in your field. If you have already tried “everything”, all strategies that others in your field use, and you still feel stuck – raising your vibration will definitely help you move on. For more clarity about alignment vs strategy, please read my article “Do this to get the results you want in Business and in Life“.

12. A more positive outlook on life

In conclusion, with a higher vibration, you have a more positive outlook on life. You experience positive /empowering emotions more often. And you go back to a state of stillness easier and faster after a moment of turbulence. Even in the midst of turbulence, you have enough awareness and clarity to know that you have a choice in any and all situations. Thinking about the future is exciting and motivating, while you are at peace with where you are right now.

And that, my friends, is where I’m at on my journey.

Stay tuned for new articles – I’ll share my discoveries with you as I make progress and increase my awareness further. Be well.

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