My upcoming book is a fascinating story about transformation, empowerment, and spirituality. When embarking on this writing adventure, I found myself in a life situation where I felt completely stuck and powerless. All my efforts to improve the situation or to escape from it only seemed to make it worse. I had to surrender and let myself be guided.

I was guided to learn about the Law of Attraction, and something just “clicked”. So I decided to write a book applying the principles of the Law of Attraction – literally writing a new reality into existence.

While writing, something unexpected happened. I experienced a MASSIVE spiritual awakening that, of course, couldn’t have been planned. With this awakening, I suddenly had access to information that I wouldn’t normally have access to, and that most people don’t have access to. It felt like receiving “downloads” directly from the Universe. Readers get to witness the awakening as it’s unfolding. This is very uncommon. Most books about spirituality share experiences after they happened, not while they’re happening.

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