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A friend of mine and a fellow online entrepreneur, said to me the other day: “The only thing clients want is a better situation for themselves. If you can help them get that, they’ll be happy with you.” That statement inspired me to write this article, to help you get the results you want in Business and in Life.

In other words, results are the only thing that counts. I’d say this applies more generally speaking as well in this mind-made world of ours. Most people only believe in what they see, i.e. without proofs in the physical dimension, they lose interest really fast.

So let’s talk results!

Many people associate results with goals and goal setting. You might be familiar with the SMART goal setting method. Each letter stands for an attribute of the results we try to obtain: Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely.

From a strategy viewpoint this acronym can be helpful, especially when it comes to accountability and follow-up on our efforts. However – and this is where people tend to get lost – it’s not all about strategy. It’s important to have clear strategies, of course, but that’s only part of the game.

Even more important is to know the rules of the game on a larger scale. It’s so much more fun to play when you understand the rules – and you’re more likely to win too!

80% mindset + 20% action

Most coaches and consultants agree on this principle: your mindset is responsible for about 80% of your results, whereas action is responsible for only about 20% of your results. This principle is touched upon in the article on becoming an alchemist.

Why is that? Because the mind is more powerful than the body. Our body will carry out the actions we ask from it. Furthermore, from an energy viewpoint, the body will amplify the intentions of the mind. So when the mindset is aligned with our desired results, less action will be needed to “make it happen”.  


Power vs Force

In his classic “Power vs Force” (first published in 1994), Dr. David R. Hawkins explains the different levels of human consciousness with their respective frequency. Dr. Hawkins developed a Scale of Consciousness going from 0 to 1000 where 0 (not surprisingly) corresponds to physical death. 1000 corresponds to the highest vibration possible in a physical body. That’s where the limit goes for what the nervous system is designed to handle.

Spiritual masters who have walked this Earth before us and who reached 1000 on Dr. Hawkins’ scale include Jesus Christ and Gautama Buddha. It’s extremely rare that an individual reaches this level of consciousness. But when it does happen, the impact on humanity is tremendous and can last for millennia!

However, we don’t have to reach all the way to the top to have an impact and create our desired results with ease. As soon as our vibration rises above the threshold of 200, which stands for courage, a shift occurs. We no longer have to rely on force to produce results – an end to the struggle is finally conceivable!

I share insights from what I have observed in myself when deliberately and consistently raising my vibration over time, in the two-part article “12 AMAZING benefits from raising your vibration“. Do you want help raising your vibration by eliminating low-vibrating energies from your system? Learn about the Emotion Code and the Body Code and schedule an appointment with me!

Alignment vs Strategy 

In another fascinating article, I explore the subjective nature of reality, and how reality emerges in the intersection between Consciousness and the Universal Laws.

When looking into the details, it becomes clear that alignment is incredibly powerful to bring about our desired results. Alignment can even bring about results that we didn’t know were possible, so let’s stay open-minded and receptive.

If we do the “inner work” without specific strategies, or if we’re not clear about what the goal is, we could turn in circles for a very long time. Being the multidimensional beings that we are, there’s always more “inner work” that could be done. Ask yourself: what’s the purpose? Is this the best use of my time and efforts at this point?

In addition, without specific strategies, potential clients or other people we try to reach could remain unaware of our existence due to a lack of visibility.

On the other hand, no strategy alone – however well-designed and calculated – can guarantee the outcomes. The outcomes ultimately depend on the quality of consciousness of the individual or the collective that carries out the actions. You can learn more about this in my video presentation “How Can Energy Work Help You Succeed in Business?“.

In conclusion

We get the best results when we find a balance between doing the “inner work” (energetic alignment) and applying strategies crafted with our desired results in mind. This holds true both in Business and in Life. Even though our mental labels may change, and with them the behaviors that others expect from us, our energy is with us in any and all environments.

Good news: we don’t have to choose either alignment or strategies. We can – and should – have both!   

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