Have You REALLY Let Go of the Past?

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It’s well known that the self-development and self-help industry emphasizes your personal responsibility as a means of empowerment. While taking ownership of your life and accepting the consequences of your choices is empowering indeed – and absolutely necessary if you aspire to create something better for yourself and your loved ones – personal responsibility alone cannot solve all of your struggles. In this article, we’ll look at why and when you might need an energetic detox in order to REALLY let go of the past.

No one is an island

So why can’t personal responsibility alone solve all of your struggles? Because no one is an island. As human beings, we’re intrinsically interconnected. This means that the energies and intentions of the people around us have profound impacts on us – even if we’re unaware of what’s going on beneath the surface.

Highly sensitive people and empaths tend to be even more susceptible to absorbing energies from their environment than people with an average level of sensitivity.

If you’ve been immersed in a (very) toxic environment for extended periods of time, this can mean trouble! Maybe a work environment was detrimental to you but you couldn’t leave just like that. This also applies to your personal relationships. Beneath a polished surface, someone who knows the exact right things to say and who appears to be friendly can turn out to be a (very) toxic and unsafe person. Absorbing their toxic energies regularly can sabotage things for you in a myriad of unexpected ways. Even with your best efforts and a sincere heart, you’ll not be able to create what you aim for as long as these toxic energies interfere with yours.


Breaking chains

Some experts on the Law of Attraction are doing a disservice to the public

Experts on the Law of Attraction who only ever talk about visualization exercises and manifestation techniques are doing a disservice to the public. In truth, you attract with your entire being – not just with your thoughts. You can read more about this in the article “Pay Attention to Where Your Attention Goes!”. If you’ve been exposed to a lot of toxicity in the past, those toxic energies have become an integral part of your energetic makeup.

Shifting focus can be an incredibly powerful catalyst for change – I teach how to do this in the workshop “Conscious Manifestation for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs“. However, you still need to detoxify your system once you’ve removed yourself physically from the (very) toxic environment and/or cut ties with the (very) toxic person.

You might need an energetic detox

Imagine that you’ve suffered from a heavy metal intoxication that affected both your physical body and your mind adversely. You wouldn’t leave your physical body on her/his own and just expect the problem to solve itself, would you? You would probably follow a rigorous detox protocol to support your physical body through the challenge.

Similarly, you might need an energetic detox to free your system from toxic and offensive energies. You can’t really let go of the past as long as those energies live on inside you. Remember, the Law of Attraction is a feedback mechanism that reflects back to you what is going on inside you.

Obviously, you’ve not chosen ALL of the energies that co-exist in your energy system. Many of them stem from the environment. Yet, the Law of Attraction will “act” on them to help you see that they are there. This is a part of the process of becoming more aware of who you are – and who you are not…! Contrast helps us develop discernment.

Are you serious about breaking free from the chains of the past?

Are you serious about breaking free from the chains of the past? I’m here to help you detoxify your energy system so that you can move on for real! The Body Code is an absolutely fantastic tool to detoxify your energy system, allowing you to turn the page. What a liberation to start a new, exciting chapter in your life!

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