Top 3 Mindset Tips For Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs

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Are you an entrepreneur or do you aspire to become one? Do you wonder how you as a highly sensitive person can thrive in your entrepreneur journey? In this article, I’ll provide you with 3 mindset tips for highly sensitive entrepreneurs!

When I first played with the idea of becoming a highly sensitive entrepreneur, I did not know what to expect.

Of course, I knew that it would mean a great deal of responsibility and sometimes uncertainty. However, something deep inside me knew that this was the road for me to go. So I did.

Little did I know that this journey as a highly sensitive entrepreneur would also help me greatly on a personal growth level. In two years as an entrepreneur, I learned more than I ever could imagine!

Therefore, I decided to share my top 3 mindset tips with you to help you thrive as a highly sensitive entrepreneur.


#1 Don’t Fall Into The Comparison Trap

My first mindset tip is that you should avoid falling into the comparison trap.

It’s natural to feel the need to compare yourself to others. When I first started the brand HiSensitives I continuously compared my work with that of similar online brands.

In those moments, I compared everything they did to what I am doing. My inner critic would then start bashing my work.

Thoughts such as “I will never be as good as them” or “They are so much more competent than I am” were very common when I was stuck in the comparison trap.

However, throughout the years, I learned that there is only one person you should compare yourself to, and that is you!

Try This Instead:

Instead of looking at what others are doing, I started examining my work from one year earlier. And you know what happened? I felt proud!

Proud of the growth I saw in my work. Proud of the growth in my business. I felt confident after looking at this difference.

Ever since I came to this realization, I started working with vision boards. On these boards, I write down where I’d like to stand a year from now. After the year is over, I look at the vision board and see what I achieved.

Then, I make another vision board for the next year, so that I continuously stimulate myself to grow.

The act of comparing my work to previous work of mine has given me so much peace and confidence as a highly sensitive entrepreneur. Therefore, I highly recommend it to you!

#2 Listen To Your Natural Rhythm

Another wonderful mindset tip that helped me greatly, is to start listening to your natural rhythm. With that, I mean that you should carefully focus on aligning with your energy flow.

Especially for highly sensitive entrepreneurs, it’s crucial to live from a space of flow and balance. And if you are a woman, this is even more important.

The pace of our society is created based on the masculine energy, which aligns with the energy of the sun and is very stable.

However, feminine energy aligns with the moon, which goes through phases. Consequently, our menstrual cycle and hormones align with the moon phases. As a result, our energy levels vary depending on the stage of our cycle and the moon cycle.

It’s crazy to expect yourself to live and work on a masculine energy level 24/7 when your body wasn’t designed to do so. Especially as a highly sensitive entrepreneur, you will feel the energy shifts in your body immediately.

Therefore, instead of neglecting these signals, try to listen to them.

Here’s How You Do That

I can imagine that you now wonder how on Earth you can manage to do this. At least I did when I first discovered this knowledge.

What helped me, was to read this extensive article explaining how you can sync your business with your menstrual cycle.

Basically, you look at the different phases of your menstrual cycle. And if you don’t menstruate, you look at the various moon phases and what their energy represents.

Then, you divide the month into different phases based on these cycles. For each phase, you assign tasks that align with the energy of that phase.

For instance, during the days you menstruate, you should focus mainly on envisioning and goal setting, as it is better to take it slow in this phase of your cycle.

When I started aligning my business with my menstrual cycle and moon phases, I became more productive as a highly sensitive entrepreneur. It was such a powerful mindset tip for me to apply in my business!

#3 Ditch The Entrepreneur Guilt and Take That Nap!

Finally, I advise you as a highly sensitive entrepreneur to ditch the entrepreneur guilt and take that nap!

You’ve probably been there; after working for hours, you feel tired and the strong urge to lay down and take a nap. However, what entrepreneur would you be if you’d do that? A bad one, right?

At least, that’s what your inner guilt tripper is trying to convince you of. As a result, you keep working, listening to that guilt tripper, burning yourself out and feeling the urge to take a 3-week-long vacation.

Entrepreneur burnout is a real thing, ladies! If you listen to this guilt tripper and neglect your body, you will find yourself exhausted and unproductive in the long run.

What To Do Instead?

The greatest mindset tip I as a highly sensitive entrepreneur received with regard to tackling that guilt tripper, is the following:

Neglecting your body’s need to rest is the most unproductive thing you could do. Everything that you do from a state of low energy, will not benefit your business.

I learned that by allowing my body to rest in between work sessions, I am so much more productive! And when I looked at my Human Design, I gained more insight into why this is beneficial for my energy.

Everything I’d do from a state of low energy, would actually not deliver great results for my business. I literally could see it in the statistics of my social media accounts.

However, when I’d take a power nap, eat a bite, drink a little and then get back to work, my energy was right and attracted the right people.

After working more extensively with the 12 Universal Laws, I understood why energy works the way it does and why it’s not a bad thing to take that nap.

So, if you are a highly sensitive entrepreneur who feels guilty about naps, ditch the guilt now and allow your energy to elevate through a recharging power nap!

What Other Mindset Tips Do You Know?

After sharing my top 3 mindset tips for highly sensitive entrepreneurs, I am super curious to learn from you!

What are your top 3 mindset tips that helped you thrive as a highly sensitive entrepreneur?

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Anne-Kathrin Walter

Anne-Kathrin Walter is a personal growth expert who developed the platform HiSensitives together with her partner Riny. HiSensitives is a personal growth platform for highly sensitive people and empaths. On this platform, HSP’s and empaths find everything they need to get started on their personal growth journey. From a community to resources to an extensive blog - you’ll find it there!