How to write a book in two steps

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Many people dream of writing a book. In theory, it’s not a difficult thing to accomplish. This is how to write a book in two steps:

1. Start writing, and

2. Keep writing until you finish your project.

Some people get stuck in one point or the other. Distractions are readily available all around us. Life happens. And… sometimes it can be difficult to know what to write about.

If you hesitate about starting a project of writing a book, consider this: you don’t have to know all the content beforehand. You don’t have to know all the steps along the way – they will be revealed to you as you progress on your writing journey. Have faith in the process.

How to have faith in the process

When you receive inspiration to write, ride that wave fully! If inspiration doesn’t come to you easily, find ways to write anyway. Nothing will happen unless you start. When you do start, you will be amazed at all the hints you will receive from the Universe, helping you by pointing out the next steps. As a matter of fact, in the beginning you only need to know the general direction in which you want to go.

Many authors of fiction say that as they write, their characters come alive. It becomes evident how the story will unfold because the characters lead the way.

This is even more so when we speak of Transformative Writing, where YOU are the protagonist. The story you are writing is your own! You literally write a new reality into existence. Or you rewrite aspects of your current reality so that they align with who you really are.

As you do this, things just seem to fall into place. Synchronicities start to happen. New people come into your life. Exciting things that might have been right before your eyes “suddenly” enter your field of awareness. Your environment is always giving you feed-back. The difference is that as you write you become more aware, and can thus use this feed-back more readily. As you let yourself be transformed through your writing, your environment reflects back to you the person that you are becoming.


You were born a creator

You were born a creator. However, if you are like most people, nobody ever told you this. Nobody ever taught you how to claim your power. If anything, when you have tried to occupy space to stretch out your wings wide open, you might have been corrected by authority figures of some kind (including parents).

Authority figures typically have a vested interest in keeping you small because they resist change. That’s what untrained minds do – they resist change. Untrained minds often prefer to invest time and energy in trying to keep others small, rather than investing in themselves so that they can grow in confidence and influence. As Dr. David R. Hawkins points out in his book “Power vs Force” (1994), there’s a significant difference between power and force. For those of you who may not be familiar with Dr. David R. Hawkins’ work, he dedicated decades of his life to doing research on human consciousness, including advanced states of consciousness. His work will be referred to in more detail in other articles. For now, let’s conclude that nobody would ever need to exert force if they were aware of their own power as a creator.

As human beings, there’s more to us than just the mind. We are holistic beings! The mind is a good place to start though, because as it opens up, we gain awareness of what is possible. Transformative Writing explicitly aims at transforming some aspect of the life situation of the author and their audience. In the process, the author’s mind gets trained to see beyond illusions, and readers get to witness the process as they turn the pages.

In writing, brain – heart – hands are aligned

In writing, brain – heart – hands are aligned and express themselves through thinking – feeling – taking action. It’s important for the effectiveness of the process that your writing actually is anchored in your feelings, and that you actually take action on what you write. 

This is what brings your text to life – and what brings about transformation for you. Writing as a thought process only won’t create transformation. Provided that you keep going, you will eventually become a living example of what you share in your book. That is the best marketing strategy you could ever implement. Results speak way louder than any other marketing strategy used on the market.

Most people need to see to believe. As an author you learn how to be comfortable with believing long before you see your final result (your published book). However, you will see tangible results along the way that encourage you to keep going. Once you cross the finishing line, YOU will be the proof that your readers need in order to believe. It’s an incredibly rewarding process, my friend.

You can think of all the nitty-gritty of editing, publication and marketing later. For now, just start writing. And then keep writing.

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