The following are my core values – the ones that guide my actions and are reflected in my writing:

1. Freedom

I believe that what all humans have in common is free will, and with that comes freedom of choice. Even at times when circumstances or conditions might limit our options for action, we still have unlimited freedom of choice when it comes to our thoughts: the way we interpret and respond to things that happen.

The reality we each experience is directly linked to our own particular level of consciousness. Greater awareness equals greater freedom of choice. This means that optimal awareness is crucial if we want to achieve our fullest potential.

2. Creativity

I believe that because we were made in God’s image, we’re all powerful creators at our core. We create our own life experiences, and have the power to shape them as we like. The creative process of the Universe of which we are a part, is constantly set to “on”, whether we realize this and cooperate with it (co-creating) or not (creating by default). Ultimately, creativity is what we’re here for.

3. Trust in Life

I believe that one of the keys to happiness and success in Life is to trust it fully. That’s easy enough when things are going well, of course, and less so when we face challenges. Yet it’s often when we go through tough times that we experience the most personal and spiritual growth. Trusting that Life always knows best and that we’re constantly being guided towards our highest good, can give us the faith we need to overcome any obstacle.

When we choose to learn about Life’s mechanisms so that we can align with them, we make the process smoother for ourselves.

4. Authenticity

I believe that another key to success and happiness in this mind-made world is authenticity. When you love yourself and honor the things that make you unique, you can share knowledge, insights, and experiences that may have value for others on many levels.

Authorship is more than just grabbing a pen or a laptop and noting down your ideas. It’s about being real with yourself and others, writing the story of your life while also weaving the fabric of meaningful relationships.

5. Unity through diversity

I believe that at our core all humans are made of the same stuff: pure love, light and God-essence. And we’re meant to have cultural and individual differences, because diversity enriches the overall experience of being human, much like how a diamond reflects light more beautifully because it has multiple cuts on its surface.

It’s up to each of us to develop the discernment we need to be able to look at any situation, individual or group of people through the lens of appreciation. When we do this, we can feel gratitude for what they contribute just by being the way they are – and appreciation, or gratitude, is the key to unity. Appreciation is the glue that keeps all the pieces together.