Offensive Energies: What Are They And Where Do They Come From?

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When you first hear the term “offensive energies”, maybe you imagine something or someone evil. Someone with a severe personality disorder, carrying out some kind of dark agenda – or a malevolent act of black magic. While those things exist in this complex world of ours too, that’s not at all what we’re dealing with when doing energy work to heal ourselves.  

Rather, we’re dealing with common mortals who operate under some version of the logic “If I’m miserable, you should be too”. An utterly disempowering attitude that doesn’t uplift anyone. Instead, it keeps everyone small and stuck in struggle mode. Virtually anyone could become the target of offensive energies. You’re even more at risk if you are or have been immersed in a (very) toxic environment, be it at work and/or in personal relationships.

What are offensive energies

There are different kinds of offensive energies

To date, the Body Code is the only method I know of that deals with offensive energies. The Body Code distinguishes between curses, entities, cordings, post-hypnotic suggestions, and saboteur energies. All but one – entities – are generated unconsciously by the minds of people who hold negative emotions toward you.

As for the entities, those are extremely low-vibrating spiritual beings that seize the opportunity to invade your energy system at times when you’re particularly vulnerable. Maybe you’ve struggled with a severe illness – or you’ve been closely associated with someone who did and picked up entities from them. No need to fear them though; the Body Code helps you get rid of those just as effectively as any other energetic imbalance.

Offensive energies are generated unconsciously

We just learned that offensive energies are generated unconsciously by the minds of people who hold negative emotions toward you. This has at least three connotations:

  1. Because the offensive energies are generated unconsciously, you cannot confront the source to make them stop. The person is simply not aware of generating them and would be utterly surprised – and maybe offended – that you bring up such a topic.
  2. Offensive energies will be more abundant in environments marked by rampant unconsciousness. For instance, think of toxic work environments where the very small minority at the top benefits from having the vast majority of employees lower down the hierarchy take out their frustration on each other (rather than rebelling against the decision-makers). 
  3. Unconscious minds are fed by negative emotions that reinforce the dysfunction and anchor the unconsciousness in place. It can easily become a vicious circle of the worst kind…

Where do negative emotions come from?

From the previous points, the natural question that arises is: Where do negative emotions come from?

Negative emotions from others can come from one or more of the following (non-exhaustive list):

  • Projections, i.e. a refusal to assume personal responsibility.
  • Envy.
  • A persistent resistance to change.
  • An attempt to keep you small so that you’ll stay where they are when you want to grow and evolve.
  • Poorly managed conflicts.
  • A deep sense of unworthiness in the emitter.
  • Unresolved trauma.

As you can see, being the target of offensive energies could in fact have little if anything to do with you.

A positive attitude can be counterproductive

In very toxic environments, i.e. exceptionally negative environments, sustaining a positive attitude can actually be counterproductive. Believe me, I’ve tried! I lived in France for seven years and worked for French employers for the larger part of that period. As the naturally optimistic and empathic person that I am, I tried to facilitate a more uplifting work culture for the benefit of employees and clients alike. Big mistake; it backfired terribly…!

As I would learn over time – and the French say this themselves – complaining is the “national sport” of the French. Relatively few people want real change. It’s so much easier to just complain about what is and leave it at that – at first glance, at least. If you dig deeper, you’ll discover that this kind of culture leads to both lower productivity overall and higher rates of mental and emotional stress. Did you know that the French are among the top consumers of anti-depressants?

Now, this reasoning is not only about France and French culture. I use these references because that’s where I witnessed those mechanisms and learned to recognize the patterns. What it’s really about is how the human mind works in its multiple facets and functions.

What to do instead

The best thing you can do, no doubt, is to remove yourself from such an environment. If you can’t leave just yet, I suggest that you create a plan of action for how to leave as strategically as possible while minimizing the damage caused by the toxicity of the environment. And once you’ve removed yourself, make sure to undergo an energetic detox to cleanse your system thoroughly!

As a certified Body Code Practitioner with significant first-hand experience of offensive energies – including how to get rid of them successfully! – I’m happy to help you on your journey to recovery. Schedule an appointment or send me an email with any questions you may have.

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