Your Power is in Your Hands – Use Them!

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Your power is in your hands. However, the way the world looks today, it’s all too easy to forget this. 

We currently live in an attention economy. Sophisticated algorithms are invented and reinvented on an ongoing basis to extract a maximum of attention from us and capitalize on it.

Market refers to economy, and economy stems from the notion of lack. When we say that we “have to do economies” that means that we need to cut down on expenses. That could be money or other resources, like time or effort.

To a certain point it’s reasonable to do economies with our resources. Nevertheless, on a collective scale we have become so obsessed with “doing economies” that many Westerners’ lifestyle has become a frenetic, ever-accelerating race. We feel that we must be productive, and efficient, and active, and up-to-date and present everywhere, all the time.

Our fear of missing out on something, or of not being enough, pushes us to spend enormous amounts of time and energy on activities that aim at justifying our place in the social game. “Doing economies” has paradoxically become “spending resources that we don’t have”.

All these activities generate secondary effects. Because the number of people obsessed with “doing economies” is so large, the secondary effects have become highly destructive. Look at climate change, for starters. I wrote an article where I explain in depth how mindset is at the root of both the problem and the solution of climate change.

Because we, as a society, are so afraid of lacking something, we are focusing excessively on lack. And what happens? We stay small. 

So we try to do even more of what we are already doing to stand out. And then the noise becomes even louder. The market becomes even more crowded. Ads and marketing strategies become even more invasive. The planet becomes even more polluted. People feel even more stressed and levels of anxiety etc. raise even more. It will never stop, as long as we focus on lack. We must change focus!

Here’s what we will do instead. We will shift our attention away from mind-activities and into our hands. Doing things hands-on helps us to stay grounded. After all, we are human beings – the mind is only one part of our make-up.

Our hands are magnificent tools. They have the ability to transform thoughts in our mind into words on a paper. Then they have the ability to transform words on a paper into action. And they also have the ability to transform action into tangible results. Results speak louder than any other strategy to “stand out”.

Break free from the mind-chains of lack! You were born to be free. You have been given all the tools you will ever need throughout your earthly adventure. Put them to use. People who take action inspire people.

If you desire transformation in some area of your life or business, and you are willing to use your hands – I’m here to help you tap into the transformative power of writing.

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