Reality: The Intersection Between Consciousness And The Universal Laws

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Before learning about the Law of Attraction (LOA), reality used to be a mystery to me. Anything I learned seemed to be only fragments of information that were moderately helpful, especially since the fragments often contradicted each other. The LOA connected the dots as it explained the underlying mechanisms. While acknowledging that there are other Universal Laws as well, this website focuses on the Law of Attraction and so will this article. We’ll explore how reality emerges in the intersection between Consciousness and the Universal Laws.

Psychoanalysis vs Science

Having been formally trained in psychoanalysis, I cannot help myself from seeing parallels with the Law of Attraction. Both approaches are perfectly compatible.

Psychoanalysis is unapologetically subjective in its approach. It has no aspiration whatsoever to fit into the standardized methods of science with its strict requirements of replicability. On the contrary.

Psychoanalysis, particularly the orientation based on French psychoanalyst Jacques Lacans teachings, celebrates the singularity of each individual’s life experience. It focuses on the narrative (or discourse) that any given individual expresses. This narrative, in turn, corresponds to the interpretation of life events and thereby of reality. Words help to give meaning and to shape or reshape memories by means of interpreting previous life events.

Don’t get me wrong. I love the progress that science generates for humanity. I also admire the patience and perseverance of scientists who carry out their research for years or even decades. Nevertheless, the explicit goal of science is to control and predict. But not everything in life can be controlled and predicted – that’s kind of the magic of life. If scientific methods were the ONLY methods trusted to describe human experience and to propel it forward, human experience would be unnecessarily reduced. There are things that cannot be controlled, measured nor replicated, because each of us is a one of a kind. And we all have a personal relationship with the Universe.


How psychoanalysis and the Law of Attraction fit together

Many people associate the Law of Attraction with abundance and wealth. While some will learn to master its ways so that they can earn a lot of money, others will scorn it and refuse to learn anything about it at all, because they believe that money makes people greedy and corrupt.

Associating the LOA with abundance is correct albeit incomplete. Learning to master the ways of the LOA can be – among other things – a fun game to see to what extent you are able to manifest things in the material dimension of reality. However, deliberate manifestation is only the tip of the iceberg.

As we have just learned, psychoanalysis gives us tools to interpret reality. Understanding the mechanisms of the LOA, in turn, gives us tools to create reality on an ongoing basis. 

Understanding the attributes of the Law of Attraction

In order to understand how the LOA operates, we need to understand its attributes: neutral, eternal and omnipresent. Let’s break that down.

NEUTRAL means that the LOA doesn’t take sides – or that it takes all sides simultaneously. As humans we have free will. This can be a blessing or a curse depending on how we look at it. The Universe is a mirror that reflects back to us a neutral image of what is going on inside us. If we don’t like what we see, nobody is to blame – neither the Universe nor ourselves.

Rather, when we are ready for change we can apply our knowledge about the LOA to have the Universe magnify our desired outcomes. The LOA then becomes our ally. It remains neutral though; the only thing that has shifted is our perception – and thus our experience – of reality. We live in an attraction-based Universe – it’s all about alignment. You can read more about this in my articles “You Too Can Become An Alchemist” and “Do this to get the results you want in Business and in Life.”

The Universe operates in the eternal now

ETERNAL means that the LOA operates in the eternal now. There are neither future nor past tenses to the LOA. But to the human mind there are, and this can be exciting! Did you know that you can modify your own memories by means of shifting your consciousness? The thing about memories is that once they have been created, they cannot be erased – but they can be modified. We’ll have a look at that in a moment.

Because the entire Universe operates in the eternal now, that’s where your power is. For you’re a part of the Universe. Spiritual teacher and leader Eckhart Tolle explores the power of the present moment and discusses the functioning of the human mind in depth in his classic “The Power of Now” (1999).

OMNIPRESENT means that the LOA is present everywhere. When we state that like attracts like, we need to understand that this applies to all levels of reality. From the tiniest subatomic particle to the greatest of constellations in the Universe, one thing is for sure: the Law of Attraction is untiringly at work.

In order to have the Law of Attraction work for you, you need to raise your vibration so that the vibration you emanate matches that of your desire /vision. For more details, check out my two-part article “12 AMAZING benefits from raising your vibration“.

Reality is subjective

Let’s dive deeper into the discussion on memories. Think of a memory that you share with others from a certain point in time, or from a certain period of time. Your mind, by means of the Law of Attraction, will spot and present to you interpretations of any given memory that match your current state of consciousness. There are three key-words here: interpretations, current, and state of consciousness.

If you are feeling depressed, the LOA will reflect back to you memories from your mind’s database that confirm your current low-vibrating state, while creating more of the same. The people with whom you shared those moments might currently find themselves in a state of well-being. If that’s the case, the LOA will bring memories to them that reflect their state of well-being. This phenomenon can turn communication complicated.

People you address might not even remember that episode that you want to talk with them about. They act as if it doesn’t exist – and stricly speaking, it doesn’t. In this present moment, all that happened in the past has ceased to exist and only the memory trace remains. Thus it’s paramount to shape the memory trace into something that serves you. Just think about it. How much in any given relationship is actually based on the present moment, the eternal now, and how much relies on memory traces from the past?

In conclusion

Since reality is subjective, regardless of how others experience any given situation, YOU can always get back on track by raising your vibration. Reality is not meant to be something that you adapt to in order to get by more or less okay. Reality is created by you, through you, for you, and you do have the power to create it in your own image. This knowing is incredibly empowering. In the end it boils down to this: Your reality is created in the intersection between your consciousness and the Universal Laws.

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