Body Code

The Body Code is a revolutionary modality of Energy Medicine that combines wisdom from both Western and Eastern healing traditions. This very holistic approach allows the Body Code to provide a precise “snapshot” of what’s going on in the client’s energy system. Just like the Emotion Code, it was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson – a holistic Chiropractor (now retired) – as a complement to the methods that he was already using in his practice.

Essentially, the human body aims at living in a state of balance at all times. This can be more easily said than done in these distracting times! Our point of departure, then, is to recognize that the human body possesses an innate and awe-inspiring ability to heal her/ himself. With a minimum of interference, we gently help the body do what she/ he was designed to do!

The Emotion Code and the Body Code share the perspective that symptoms are manifestations of imbalances, most of which can be dealt with on an energy level. Therefore, Practitioners work with the underlying imbalances rather than the symptoms. Where these two magnificent methods go apart is what kind of imbalances we’re looking at. As the name implies, the Emotion Code deals with emotional imbalances. The Body Code is more complex, and deals with six kinds of imbalances:

  • Energy
  • Bodily systems
  • Toxins
  • Pathogens
  • Misalignments in bones, nerves, connective tissues, and more
  • Nutrition or Lifestyle

When we identify imbalances in the last category (Nutrition or Lifestyle), some kind of change is usually required in your habits in order to solve the issue.

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More than just working on the body

In reality, the Body Code goes well beyond what its name implies. By correcting or releasing imbalances within the six main categories, we can address multiple issues going on in your life and business. These are some of the issues that I’ve helped clients with as a Body Code Practitioner (non-exhaustive list):

  • Gain clarity around business decision-making.
  • Overcome creative roadblocks.
  • Trust oneself more.
  • Identify and correct underlying causes for financial struggle.
  • Release stress and improve vitality.
  • Release physical and emotional traumas from the body.
  • Do an immune system check-up.
  • Overcome sleep issues.
  • Clear out allergies and intolerances.
  • Release offensive energies absorbed from toxic /very unhealthy individuals or work environments.
  • Test nutritional supplements to learn which ones the body wants. (Many people take supplements that do nothing for them.)

Success Stories

Susanna is a very intuitive and conscious person who transforms clients’ health and state of consciousness on a deep level with her knowledge and commitment. Among other things, I suffered from physical pain in my heart that Susanna helped me clear out by means of the powerful Body Code method. My energy levels have increased considerably since, and I sincerely recommend her sessions.

~Agnes L., 40, Career Coach, Uppsala, Sweden~


The Body Code is a sensitive, humane, and empathic method that makes it possible to listen to and understand the body’s voice. I was delighted to discover that unlike conventional methods, the Body Code doesn’t put you in a box, so to speak. Rather, each body is understood from its own memory and your personal and unique life experience.

~Amanda C., 37, Financial Expert, Buenos Aires, Argentina~


Before my Body Code sessions with Susanna, I had been experiencing some blockages in certain areas of my business. The things that came up in our sessions were both surprising and enlightening for me and I feel a weight has lifted, allowing me to move forward with more confidence and momentum. Susanna has a very warm and nurturing nature encouraging a feeling of safety and understanding. I highly recommend her without hesitation.

~Charlotte R., 51, Business Strategist, Frankfurt, Germany~


I really appreciated the sessions with Susanna, especially her calmness. Overall, the sessions had a positive effect on me and my energy levels. Also, without me telling her about the big things I was currently struggling with, Susanna managed to spot them and treat the underlying causes. I felt supported and guided throughout the process.

~Maria A., 45, PhD in Physics, Umeå, Sweden~


Susanna has the wonderful ability to make you feel safe and seen in her sessions. Our Body Code work together was focused on a few different aspects of my life – one was creativity. It was fascinating and empowering to observe the insights from this work and to apply this new awareness to my life. After the Body Code sessions, my creativity bloomed. 

~Marie, E., 34, Graphic Designer, Oslo, Norway~


While I am generally a sceptic on alternative approaches to health, a friend enthusiastically recommended the Body Code as a way to tap into my subconscious mind to allow my body to guide a practitioner into understanding what it needs. As a researcher, I am aware that Energy is not so much expended as transformed and that it exists beyond our three-dimensional reality. So, with interest, I scheduled three Body Code sessions with Susanna to help me deal with sleep issues and a throat problem.


Susanna was very professional and gentle in her approach. During the sessions, she gave me insights and awareness into my problems and clear action steps to balance my body’s energy. She was also able to deal with issues of bullying when I was at school, which I had forgotten about – but my subconscious remembered. While Susanna treated most imbalances energetically, I also have some work to do myself. I’ve learned with this experience that the Body Code can indeed help heal trauma and bodily problems. Give it a try!

~Elisabeth, B., 59, Business Researcher, Paris, France~


During my Body Code sessions with Susanna I immediately felt safe and I felt heard. I felt that we really connected. She explained the process in a clear way and was open for questions. Everything that came up was spot on, and we could “clean up” a lot in my energy system. I am grateful that Susanna came on my path of healing, and I recommend her 100% to gain insights of what might be blocking you in your business and life.

~Erica, B., 54, Yoga Teacher and Massage Therapist, Arizona, USA~


What to expect from your Body Code sessions with Susanna

Sessions typically last for 30 minutes. You’ll need a glass of water and a magnet for your sessions. Any magnet from your refrigerator door will do the job. Please note that if you use a pacemaker or hearing aid you should NOT use a magnet, since it could interfere with the functioning of these devices.

Common sensations that many clients have reported back after their sessions include feeling calmer and more thirsty! As we release undesirable energies in our work together, your body will ask for more water to help her/him release everything on a physical level as well.

I draw on my background as a psychologist to give you advice where appropriate, while lovingly holding space for you in a safe and non-judgmental environment. I’ll also help you reframe past experiences if needed, to help you let go of harmful energies that we might have encountered. These elements create additional value for your healing journey. As we make progress, your awareness will increase and you’ll become empowered over time.

Before becoming a Practitioner, I’ve been through an extensive Body Code journey myself. The deeper my knowledge, the more I admire just how exact and detailed this method is, while also providing an excellent overview of how the body is doing in the area we’re working on.

You can choose between the following languages for your sessions:

  • English
  • Svenska
  • Français
  • Español
  • Português