Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is an extraordinarily effective and efficient method for well-being. It was created by Dr. Bradley Nelson, a holistic Chiropractor (now retired), in the 1990s as a complement to the methods he was already using in his practice. In essence, this method removes emotional imbalances called “trapped emotions” from the body, so that the body can get back into a state of balance. The human body possesses an innate and awe-inspiring ability to heal itself. With a minimum of interference, we gently help the body do what it was designed to do!

Trapped emotions are low-vibrating energies (below the threshold of 200 on Dr. David R. Hawkins’ Scale of Consciousness) that are stuck in the body. They arose during emotionally intense events where it wasn’t possible to process them right away. So the body had to “save them for later” – to deal with when things got calmer – thus creating emotional baggage. The term “emotional baggage” is more literal than you would imagine!

As we release these low-vibrating energies, your overall vibration spontaneously rises. For more information about the benefits of raising your vibration, please read the two-part article “12 AMAZING benefits from raising your vibration” and watch the 40-minute video that I produced for you on the topic. The Emotion Code is a deceptively simple yet amazingly powerful tool!

A wide variety of applications

According to Dr. Nelson, most adults have hundreds of trapped emotions in their energy system. He teaches that most imbalances are, in fact, emotional. The Emotion Code can therefore be applied to a wide variety of topics. These are some of the issues that I’ve helped clients with as an Emotion Code Practitioner (non-exhaustive list):

  • Get rid of physical symptoms or pain, such as insomnia, tenseness in the neck or shoulders, recurrent headaches, and more.*
  • Boost productivity by removing blocks to creativity, overcoming procrastination, and improving motivation overall.
  • Find a new sense of calm and inner peace.
  • Improve communication and relationships.

*Disclaimer: For The Emotion Code to give you relief from physical symptoms, the underlying causes must be emotional. EC practitioners are not physicians; we work on an energy level.

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Success Stories

Over the last three years, I’ve developed an increasing discomfort in my hips that has worsened into intense daily pain. It wasn’t until I started working with Susanna and learning about the Emotion Code that I could finally associate this with the heavy emotional events that had occurred to me exactly three years ago. I decided to embark on what I knew would be an epic release – both emotionally and physically. I have to say, it was the most powerful transformational healing I’ve ever experienced in my lifetime! And I don’t say that lightly.


After the session, I went on a gentle walk through the woods and the hip pain was GONE. Entirely. It felt surreal to walk this way, not burdened with pain, so I stepped lightly and awkwardly in the unfamiliar sensation. The next morning, nothing but pure ease and well-being in my body. It feels like a miracle. I thank you Susanna, the Emotion Code, and my body for taking me through this journey.

~Zoe G., 39, Holistic Food Educator, Tennessee, USA~


I recently completed a series of Emotion Code sessions with Susanna and found the process very beneficial and worthwhile. Susanna was so accurate at pinpointing the most difficult times I have experienced in life and identifying the emotions that I was holding at this time. It was extraordinarily revealing to explore this and become mindful of what may be creating limitations for me in the past and present. In addition, she has such a warm, professional and friendly personality. This comforting energy made me feel secure and very much at ease. It is clear that she has the utmost respect for her clients and wants them to gain the most from these very valuable interactions. Thank you, Susanna, for your guidance and support.

~Helen M., 49, Inspirational Writer, Sunshine Coast, Australia~


I have been eager to do the emotional work but not necessarily in the traditional way of talk therapy. My last therapist released a lot 9 years ago but then took me into a ritual that did not feel safe, so I’ve been scarred by that experience ever since. All to say that the Emotion Code is quite wonderfully the modality that my body is craving. Safe, efficient, easy, effective! The work with Emotion Code feels like I’ve been lifting a lifetime of burdens! Definitely a huge breakthrough period and upleveling.

~Marie C., 40, Business Owner, Oregon, USA~


The Emotion Code came into my life at the right time. My last job, due to the volume of messages I needed to answer, had me predominately operate from my mind instead of from my heart/intuition. It’s beautiful to find my way back home to bring all of it back into balance.


Susanna expertly led the sessions, explained the layout, and started us off with a grounding meditation. We tapped into many of my stuck emotions related to stress and my tense shoulder/neck area. The before and after were truly astonishing! Not only did I feel a physical relief from my tense shoulders but also a lightness and excitement afterward. What an efficient way to heal! Susanna is also a fountain of knowledge and shared many valuable tips and reading material that would benefit me on my healing journey. Overall her passion and enthusiasm for the subject shine through in all of our interactions together. Can’t wait for my next adventure with Susanna! 

~Patricia R., 43, Health and Well-Being Coach, North Carolina, USA~


I had some wonderful Emotion Code sessions with Susanna to help clear trapped emotions in my system. I found Susanna to be both very professional and very empathetic. Her natural caring manner put me at ease straight away and with each session, I came away feeling calm and very much at peace within myself. I highly recommend Susanna for anyone wanting to experience this amazing healing modality by someone who truly cares.

~Samantha K., 53, Business Strategist, Cambridge, UK~


I suffered for years from anxiety and depression. Through the Emotion Code, Susanna helped me restore my inner peace. I now feel happier, energized, and lighter emotionally, and I am ready to pursue my awakening process and my quest for holistic health. Thank you, Susanna, for your wisdom, your professionalism, and for giving me the chance to discover Dr. Bradley Nelson and the Emotion Code.

~Amandine A., 42, CEO, Nice, France~


The Emotion Code sessions with Susanna were fascinating and facilitated deeper insight about myself. Not only is Susanna well-informed on the subject; her energy provides a sense of safety that helped me immensely to feel protected and cared for. Unlike other healing modalities that I’ve tried previously, I found this method to be rich in feeling and insight. This experience has led to a greater respect and appreciation for my body and mind. I highly recommend it!
~Emma S., 33, Digital Media Strategist, Stockholm, Sweden~
What to expect from your Emotion Code sessions with Susanna

Sessions typically last for 30 minutes. You’ll need a glass of water and a magnet for your sessions. Any magnet from your refrigerator door will do the job. Please note that if you use a pacemaker or hearing aid you should NOT use a magnet, since it could interfere with the functioning of these devices.

Common sensations that many clients have reported back after their sessions include feeling lighter, more joyful, calmer – and more thirsty! As we release undesirable energies in our work together, your body will ask for more water to help her/him release everything on a physical level as well.

I draw on my background as a Psychologist to give you advice where appropriate, to help prevent new trapped emotions from being generated (as far as possible). This element creates additional value for your healing journey. As we make progress, your awareness will increase and you’ll become empowered over time. I’ve been through a fascinating Emotion Code journey myself before becoming a Practitioner, and am still in awe of just how powerful this method is.

You can choose between the following languages for your session:

  • English
  • Svenska
  • Français
  • Español
  • Português