Dr. Bradley Nelson, the creator of the Emotion Code and the Body Code methods, discovered a phenomenon called heart-wall. Fortunately, he also discovered how to remove it. According to his vast experience with clients, almost everyone has a heart-wall – an incredible 93%!

So what is a heart-wall? It is quite literally what it sounds like. Your subconscious mind can put up an energetic wall around your physical heart to protect it during adversity and very stressful life events. The wall is built from trapped emotions, your own and/ or inherited from your parents. It’s intended to assure your survival. But when the critical events are over, a heart-wall can create blockages in your life. Removing it can help you feel happier and more connected with others while inviting more flow into your life experience.

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Success Stories

Susanna helped me remove my heart-wall, and the experience of having my heart-wall removed felt like coming home.

~Hanna P., 54, Business Owner, Amsterdam, Netherlands~


The idea of dissolving my heart-wall initially made me nervous. What would happen without this additional armor over my heart? Susanna gently guided and held space for me through the process as we unraveled a range of stuck emotions over three sessions. After the entire clearing, I felt a sense of pure love and gratitude mirrored back. Family members and others in my life reached out with appreciation. Best of all, I feel more confident and loving toward myself. It’s evident that my heart is flowing freely again and I have Susanna’s expertise and the gift of the Emotion Code to thank for this new authentic way of showing up for myself and the world!
~Kendra C., 36, Business Owner, Florida, USA~



Through my heart-wall removal sessions with Susanna, I learned to trust my intuition and the immense wisdom of my body again. Susanna facilitated our sessions with patience and a calm and grounding demeanor. She created a safe space to share my experiences and revelations and helped me dig deeper. The Emotion Code is such an efficient and easy way to work on one’s emotional well-being, targeting the root cause instead of just the symptoms. I feel truly empowered!

~Hunter C., 41, Business Owner, California, USA~


I had a memorable introduction to the Emotion Code when I started working with Susanna. After just one session – in which our intention was to find a better place for me to live – everything changed the next day. Literally! We kept doing sessions until we had cleared the entire heart-wall. Free from my heart-wall, I am now ready to open up again to a world of possibilities. Listening more attentively to my intuitioin, I’ve started accepting opportunities and projects that I previously dismissed out of fear. I also feel more compassion towards myself and others.

~Thomas M., 35, Freelance Editor, Paris, France~


Susanna and the Emotion Code helped me remove my heart-wall and release deep-seated negative emotions, thereby supporting me in building confidence and moving toward more happiness and positivity. It’s liberating to discover the true power of energy healing. This is undeniable proof that humans are powerful and spiritual beings. Thank you, Susanna, from the bottom of my heart for the beautiful work you have done for my healing process. Your guidance helped me activate a deeper understanding of who I am and what my purpose is.

~Sarah L., 45, Sales Director, Aix-en-Provence, France~


My heart-wall removal sessions with Susanna have been very beneficial for my well-being. As a Reiki Master I give so much of myself to others that I sometimes forget about myself… After each Emotion Code session, I felt more relaxed – yet energized – and could breathe with more ease. Interestingly, my vision spontaneously improved, and I could even reduce the number of doses of allergy medicine. Overall, I feel more connected and in tune with myself now that the heart-wall is gone. This is powerful!

~Rebecca L., 62, Reiki Master, Gothenburg, Sweden~

Is this the right next step in your healing journey?

Because your subconscious mind is in charge of making sure you stay alive, it will only allow us to remove the heart-wall when it’s safe to do so. Otherwise, it’ll give us a “no”-answer when we test for the presence of a heart-wall in your energy system. Therefore, rest assured that this is the right next step in your healing journey when we get a “yes”-answer.

It typically takes 2-4 sessions à 30 minutes to remove a heart-wall. I’d recommend that you sign up for a package of five sessions, working on other topics after the heart-wall is removed during any remaining sessions.