Belief Code

The Belief Code is the most advanced level in Discover Healing‘s energy healing model. It works exclusively with subconscious reprogramming.

Subconscious programs can be generated by primarily three means:

  • Self-conclusions from first-hand experiences. These experiences typically involve a heavy emotional charge, and may or may not be inherently traumatic. Once the programs are there, they can keep generating trapped emotions almost on auto-pilot. This way, the frequency of the original context stays activated in your energy system even though you may have “turned the page” a long time ago.
  • Inherited from your parents. Some subconscious programs are passed on to you from your parents at the moment of conception. We often hear about inheriting DNA from our parents, but how often do we hear about inheriting subconscious programming? The latter is just as real though. This programming could potentially have a HUGE impact on your reality… until you discover that you have the power to reprogram your internal computer in your image.
  • Suggestions from outside sources. You’ve probably heard about suggestions in the context of hypnosis. When using hypnosis deliberately, specific brainwave states are induced to plant empowering statements into your subconscious mind. You can think of this as planting seeds for transformation in your inner garden. However, disempowering or harmful suggestions can find their way into your subconscious mind too. When this happens, your subconscious is hijacked into creating a reality you don’t want. This part of the manifestation process stays outside of your conscious control. In other words, it bypasses your free will.
    • This process is particularly common in childhood until age 7. During this stage of development, we absorb information and beliefs from our environment with no filter whatsoever. We have yet to develop discernment, and this takes decades of life experience (if not an entire lifetime)! In adulthood, we can also be vulnerable to harmful suggestions from people who have power over us but don’t have our best interests at heart.

We’re upgrading your operative system

It’s surprising – even mind-boggling – to realize to what extent our “reality” is made up of beliefs. Relatively few things are written in stone. Many moving pieces mean that we live in a very complex world – AND that we have more leverage than we probably realize. As soon as we find the right tools, we can accelerate the manifestation of our desired results in both our inner and outer worlds. 

As gentle and calm as a session may appear, the Belief Code provides very profound work! We’re upgrading your operative system to have you operate from a higher level in your life and the world. Clients often report back tangible positive results after the very first session.

These are some of the issues that I’ve helped clients with as a Belief Code Practitioner (non-exhaustive list):

  • Remove money blocks.
  • Facilitate the transition from being an employee to becoming an entrepreneur /starting a business.
  • Gain clarity around decision-making in key areas of life.
  • Go from being paralyzed by the impostor syndrome and procrastination to confidently taking action.
  • Experience more happiness in everyday life.
  • Overcome exhaustion and the fear of overwhelm that goes with it.
  • Develop a more harmonious and loving relationship with the physical body.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Drastically reduce physical pain caused by subconscious limiting beliefs that kept generating negative (dysfunctional) emotions.
  • Reclaim self-esteem and self-confidence after being the target of bullying in the workplace. 
  • Deal with grief after the sudden loss of a loved one.
  • Create a reliable foundation in life if childhood trauma robbed you of that while growing up.
  • Accelerate the removal of a heart-wall. Indeed, if there’s a subconscious belief system keeping the heart-wall in place, MANY sessions could be spent before it’s completely gone….! 

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Success Stories

I’ve experienced my first couple of Belief Code sessions and I must say I’m both astounded and positively surprised. Even though I had high expectations to begin with, I didn’t expect the sessions to produce such tangible results. I was also amazed how we could have such a strong “connection” online. We found and removed blockages that I didn’t even know affected me. The happiness I felt afterwards is difficult to express in words… it was pure joy. I felt “happy and free”; a feeling of deep satisfaction that still makes me warm inside whenever I think about it. I want to learn more about this fascinating method!
~Penelope R., 47, Freelance Communication Strategist, Barcelona, Spain~


So far I’ve had three sessions with Susanna and each time I experienced an enormously positive effect! Susanna is very professional and empathic. She’s very good at what she does!! After each session I’ve experienced both relief and an immense joy. I can warmly recommend you to try and see for yourself. The Belief Code makes a real difference!

~Andrea. S, 41, Network Marketer, Copenhagen, Denmark~


Releasing old blockages from your subconscious mind – whether you’re aware of those blockages or not – is an amazing experience! My Belief Code sessions with Susanna led to having clearer, lighter, and more focused thoughts, while the air around me felt clearer and easier to breathe. Take that from someone who used to live with a constant (low-intensity) back, neck, and shoulder pain that was weighing me down.

~Peter M., 53, Visual Artist, Uppsala, Sweden~


My Belief Code sessions with Susanna have not only provided me with some incredible insights and a deeper understanding about myself. I’ve also experienced some mayor shifts shortly after our sessions. Whereas I previously suffered from impostor syndrome and procrastination, now I take up more space in a confident manner. I feel calmer and enjoy better self-esteem. Moreover, I feel that I’m in the right place, going in the right direction in my life and with my entrepreneurial endeavors. 

~Julie N., 42, Sound Healer and Holistic Well-Being Coach, Utah, USA~


After a disappointing experience with another energy worker, I tried Susanna’s services. It only took me one session to realize that she could help me with ALL the energy work I needed done. So I signed up for a package of ten sessions on the spot (yes, I’m committed to my healing!). We did 1-2 sessions a week, which created a HUGE momentum for me, stacking up all the positive effects. We did some Emotion Code work, removed my heart-wall, and then Belief Code on the topics of worth and self-esteem.


One morning I woke up and felt a a very clear shift. One that I can only describe as an empowering ownership regarding everything that has happened in my life. For the first time, I experienced genuine self-respect. Before that, I found it difficult to accept myself fully – and therefore, to embody my full potential. After these sessions, I feel more grounded and I find it nearly impossible to make choices that are not aligned with my heart’s desires. This has been the most powerful upleveling, allowing me to step into my authentic self. And there’s so much more that the Belief Code could do – the sky is the limit!

~Jacob C., 38, Photographer, London, UK


Susanna is very committed and engaged in her healing work. I’ve had the privilege of knowing her for years and she is truly talented doing this work. She wants to empower her clients and help them create the changes they crave in their lives and businesses. Her sessions bring about positive results in a very short time. I’ve experienced more inner peace and enthusiasm after my Belief Code sessions with Susanna. I highly recommend her services!

~Anna S. 40, Certified NLP-coach, Malmö, Sweden~


After my first Belief Code session with Susanna, I immediately felt a shift in my self-perception. I felt more optimistic and empowered about my future and the business I want to create. The positive momentum kept building up over a few more sessions: My negative self-talk was alleviated, I became more confident and more driven when it comes to my purpose. Now I feel at peace and ready to engage with life in more fulfilling ways.

~Janis P., 33, Light worker, Milan, Italy~


The way Susanna works is very special. If you’re not feeling well and you notice that certain things are recurring in your life; when it’s difficult to let go of the past and you don’t understand why, that could be subconscious material. Sometimes you can’t reach it yourself, so you need professional help and guidance. After my Belief Code sessions with Susanna I almost immediately felt better about myself, slept better, and experienced much more inner peace. 

~Renata T., 55, Aspiring Author, Lisbon, Portugal~

What to expect from your Belief Code sessions with Susanna

Sessions last on average 60 minutes. However, the exact duration depends on the complexity of the belief system that we’re working on. Therefore, a session could last for as little as 20 minutes up to 90 minutes! In case we finish the session in less than 60 minutes, you’ll have the remaining time at your disposal for a future session. Or we can do Body Code work for the rest of the session. In case we identify the type of belief system that is more time-consuming to work through, we can reschedule for another day (depending on our respective availability). 

We work through one subconscious belief system per session. We go through the different components and the associated imbalances thoroughly to make sure we leave no traces of it. You choose a topic /area of improvement that you want us to work on. If you want to work on several topics and you’re unsure where to start, we can ask your subconscious mind to show us the priority.   

You’ll need a glass of water and a magnet for your sessions. Any magnet from your refrigerator door will do the job. Please note that if you use a pacemaker or hearing aid you should NOT use a magnet, since it could interfere with the functioning of these devices.

I draw on my background as a Psychologist to give you advice where appropriate, while lovingly holding space for you in a safe and non-judgmental environment. If needed, I’ll help you reframe past experiences, as well as guide you in your choices of new empowering programs.

You can choose between the following languages for your sessions:

  • English
  • Svenska
  • Français
  • Español
  • Português