On this page, you can learn about my one-on-one services as a certified Emotion Code, Body Code, and Belief Code Practitioner.

Emotion Code

The Emotion Code is an extraordinarily effective and efficient method for well-being. In essence, this method removes emotional imbalances called “trapped emotions” from the body, so that the body can get back into a state of balance.

Heart-Wall Removal

Your subconscious mind can put up an energetic wall around your physical heart to protect it during adversity and very stressful life events. The wall is built from trapped emotions (see above). It’s intended to assure your survival. But when the critical events are over, a heart-wall can create blockages in your life. Removing it can help you feel happier and more connected with others while inviting more flow into your life experience.

Body Code

The Body Code is a revolutionary modality of energy medicine that combines wisdom from both Western and Eastern healing traditions. This very holistic approach allows the Body Code to provide a precise “snapshot” of what’s going on in your energy system. It deals with six kinds of imbalances:

  • Energy
  • Bodily systems
  • Toxins
  • Pathogens
  • Misalignments in bones, nerves, connective tissues, and more
  • Nutrition or Lifestyle

Belief Code

The Belief Code is an advanced energy healing method of subconscious reprogramming. It’s surprising – even mind-boggling – to realize to what extent our “reality” is made up of beliefs. Many moving pieces mean that we live in a very complex world – AND that we have more leverage than we probably realize.

Disempowering subconscious programs can be generated by emotionally charged contexts (self-conclusions) and suggestions from outside sources; they can also be inherited from your parents. Reprogramming your subconscious mind means accelerating the manifestation process in both your inner and outer worlds. We’re upgrading your operative system to have you operate from a higher level in your life and the world!

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