Pay Attention to Where Your Attention Goes!

Reading Time: 4 min. The purpose of this article is to demonstrate why you should pay attention to where your attention goes. The expression “pay attention” is a very accurate one since attention is, in fact, a currency. Not just any currency, but your most precious currency! Attention, in this context, equals life energy. We currently live in an […]

Top 5 Productivity Tips for Writers

Reading Time: 5 min. Writing is a process and it takes time. Here’s my Top 5 Productivity Tips for Writers to help you keep going! By extension, these productivity tips can be applied to any task that requires hours of concentration and mental performance.  1. When inspiration comes, ride the wave fully! All writers know how amazing it feels […]

How to read a thousand words per minute

Reading Time: 5 min. Reading is at the core of most activities in our post-modern societies, including reading emails and reports at work, scanning the internet for any specific information we might require at the moment, and interacting with friends on social media. With so much reading to do on a daily basis, a particularly useful skill to master […]

Your Power is in Your Hands – Use Them!

Reading Time: 3 min. Your power is in your hands. However, the way the world looks today, it’s all too easy to forget this.  We currently live in an attention economy. Sophisticated algorithms are invented and reinvented on an ongoing basis to extract a maximum of attention from us and capitalize on it. Market refers to economy, and economy […]

Climate change: how mindset is at the root of both problem and solution

Reading Time: 6 min. On January 10th 2021, His Holiness the 14th Dalai Lama and climate activist Greta Thunberg, together with scientists Susan Natali and William Moomaw, met online for a conversation on climate change (video available below). They discussed the urgency of the ongoing climate crisis and the need to take action. A special focus was dedicated to feedback […]

Top 3 Best Spiritual Practices

Reading Time: 7 min. As complex as spirituality could seem at first glance, it really is very simple. Spirituality is what you do in your everyday life in order to connect with your Inner Being, your true essence. To help break it down for you, here are my Top 3 Best Spiritual Practices. Spirituality consists of empowering and self-reinforcing […]