Top 3 Most Effective Ways To Achieve INSTANT Relief From Sensory Overload

Reading Time: 5 min. The high sensitivity trait comes in a “package” with both gifts and challenges. My approach is that the gifts far outweigh the challenges. Therefore, overall, being highly sensitive is a blessing. However, the challenges need to be addressed in order to enhance your life experience. Ignoring them could lead to unnecessary struggles and suffering. One […]

Starting Out On Your Highly Sensitive Journey

Reading Time: 8 min. Are you a highly sensitive person (HSP)? A person who processes information on a deeper level and experiences life with more intensity than most people? Then you have come to the right place! This article provides resources that will help you when you’re just starting out on your Highly Sensitive Journey. Maybe this is the […]

You Too Can Become An Alchemist

Reading Time: 4 min. Do you remember Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho’s classic “The Alchemist” (first published in 1988)? It’s a story about a boy who leaves his home to go on adventures in foreign lands searching for a treasure. After a lot of adventures, for better or worse, he decides to return home only to find out that the […]

Top 3 Best Spiritual Practices

Reading Time: 7 min. As complex as spirituality could seem at first glance, it really is very simple. Spirituality is what you do in your everyday life in order to connect with your Inner Being, your true essence. To help break it down for you, here are my Top 3 Best Spiritual Practices. Spirituality consists of empowering and self-reinforcing […]