Conscious Manifestation for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs


Do you want to experience the magic of the Law of Attraction first-hand?

In this workshop you’ll discover:

  • Why focus is key to mastering the art of manifestation.
  • What the secret complement to focus is, and why it’s so important in this process.
  • How to shift from a mindset of lack to a mindset of abundance instantly.
  • Why it’s not enough to focus on positivity (positive thoughts, visualizations, mindset techniques…) when creating your dream business and your dream life.
  • The exact method I used to transform my reality substantially.

There’s such a difference between knowing how the Law of Attraction works and observing it work for YOU.

You’ll walk away from this workshop with a blueprint to activate the magic of the Law of Attraction in your own life.


When: Saturday, December 09th, 2023 / 5:00 pm Paris time

You can access a Time Zone Converter here.

Duration: 3-4 hours, depending on the size of the group. A larger group translates into more discussions.

We’ll have two scheduled breaks in the group (individual breaks possible if needed).

Early bird: Sign up before or on December 05th, 2023, to benefit from a 25% discount. Use the code “EarlyBirdDec” at the checkout.

Where: This is a LIVE virtual workshop on Zoom.

You’ll receive a confirmation email immediately after you sign up. You’ll receive the access details three days before the event – or upon completing your purchase if less than three days before.

Who: This workshop attracts participants from around the world. Entrepreneurs of all ages, niches, nationalities, and cultures unite in their desire to create a better life for themselves – and therefore to create a more sustainable business. It’s a highly rewarding experience to be a part of this beautiful co-creation!

This diversity further underscores the universal nature of the Law of Attraction, which knows no borders.

Prerequisite: None. 

Success stories

I learned valuable techniques to improve my manifesting rituals

This writing workshop was a very inspiring and motivating workshop that brought me many new insights in relation to manifestation and making your dreams come true. In Susanna’s workshop, I learned valuable techniques to improve my manifesting rituals. I highly recommend this workshop to ambitious people who want to learn more about manifesting!

Anne-Kathrin van Tiggelen, Netherlands

This workshop connects the dots in an elegant way

I’ve been passionate about personal development for years, and have attended many live events to deepen my understanding and improve my results. This workshop stands out because it connects the dots in such an elegant way. Conscious manifestation is so much more fun than having “random” circumstances dictate your results.

Maria Olofsson, Sweden

I was invited to rethink my life project

This workshop helped me a lot to determine the limitations imposed by myself, linked to erroneous ideas that didn’t allow me to move on. I was invited to rethink my life project with a new cognitive and behavioral approach. Thank you Susanna for motivating me to keep going, with new ideas in my mind and hope in my heart. Excellent work, I recommend it.

Geraldine Aguirre N., Bolivia

Innovative and fun!

This workshop is innovative and fun! The structure facilitates the learning experience. I particularly enjoyed the group discussions, where participants from different countries and backgrounds shared experiences around topics of common interest.

Debla Carrasco, Spain

My goals and dreams are happening!

This workshop teaches how to bring more abundance into my life just by practicing different vibrations. It’s very enlightening and fun. I was inspired that my goals and dreams are happening! — There were very practical tools and tips. Thank you Susanna!

Linda Duncanson, Minnesota - USA

So many aha-moments!

Fascinating! This workshop has given me so many aha-moments. You must try and see for yourself!

Julietta McFarlane, St. Lucia

This workshop has taken my understanding to a whole new level

Understanding the human mind has always been a great passion of mine, which is why I chose to study Psychology. The combined approach of Psychology and the Law of Attraction that this workshop offers has taken my understanding to a whole new level.

Elena Fernandez, Texas - USA

Conscious-Manifestation     Conscious Manifestation for Highly Sensitive Entrepreneurs